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The Haul

A bittersweet end to Recovery Summer, corporate profits soar and Goldman Sachs gets Auto-Tuned

In the same vein as Justin’s Signal Watch, or Mario’s In The Know, The Haul is kicking off an end-of-the-week Business Round-up for national business and economic news. Follow what I’m reading and make suggestions on Twitter. I’m also kicking …

Street food vendors stake claim to city sidewalks

Most pushcart food vendors will tell you there’s an unspoken agreement among the 23 licensed sidewalk restaurateurs currently operating in Portland: Once you get a spot, stick with it, and no one will mess with you. Well, usually.


MEGOV Candidates Pick Their Parts

In the beginning of a campaign, it’s important for candidates to establish the impression they want to leave in the minds of voters. So with the primaries two months behind them, each of the five candidates for governor is busy honing his or her image. At Friday’s Island and Coastal Issues Gubernatorial Candidates Forum here on the Midcoast, the hopefuls further solidified what kind of candidate they will be during the campaign.

The Signal

Confessions of a late night STRUTter: A lesson in bringing it.

As a woman on a firm trajectory toward her mid-thirties who packed on an extra 30 lbs. 2 years ago and is still using “I got divorced” as an excuse for her somewhat doughy physique, one might not guess that …


Newspapers need more Lawrences

“I just thought I’d share,” the commenter said. “I wanted someone to see my photos.”